Platforms & Channels

We have Different ways to serve You

1. Mobile Share Channel
UK / EU GSM network users can share & send their top up credits to friends and family on Sochitel's Partner Networks in Africa and the Middle East.

2. Sochitel VTU Physical Cards

Physical international top up recharge cards produced and manufactured by Sochitel and sold through vendors and retail outlets throughout the UK, Europe and USA.

3. Sochitel Online Vending platform

A Sochitel web application for Master Resellers to manage their own network of resellers and customers to buy international top up airtime via a secure online or mobile phone interface

4. Sochitel ePOS Electronic channels
Voucher receipts can be bought at over 24,000 electronic terminals in PayPoint, outlets all over the UK, tens of thousands of locations in USA, Canada and over 420,000 electronic terminals throughout the world with other partners. Sochitel is currently rolling out its products and services in more electronic estates around Europe, North America and Middle East.

5.Sochitel Online ecommerce

Our online sales channels ( ( allows customers to purchase Overseas top ups anywhere, anytime around the world - using Credit / Debit cards from the comfort of their office or home.