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Sochitel has partnered with Network Operators to offer a unique service that allows you to buy and send airtime for your friends and families back home in your country of origin. Customers can purchase online directly from Sochitel own branded and network branded ecommerce websites: Highly recommended. All you need in one place. 300 networks operators + 100 countries available. MTN, Etisalat, Airtel, Digicel and many more..

Not and online customer? Find out WHERE TO BUY from any of our Sochitel products in the UK, USA, CANADA or EUROPE? Just follow the simple steps below:

1. Visit our retail stores or your local calling card outlet to purchase from our range of scratch cards and voucher top up products.

2. Pay for any voucher denomination you want from as little as £2.50 or $5 or €5

3. Dial the local access number and follow the instructions to transfer credit around the world.

4. Your recipient's phone in their home territory is credited instantly so they can make or receive calls. IMPORTANT: Do not send the PIN to Recipients directly as it is a Sochitel PIN number for overseas use ONLY.